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Two New Briefs Highlight Strengths and Gaps in the Nation’s Data Infrastructure for Understanding Hispanic Family Life

June 20, 2018

National surveys provide important information about the country’s population, and are used by policymakers, program developers, government agencies, and researchers to study patterns, allocate resources, and inform policies and programs. To do this, it is critical that survey samples reflect the current population as accurately as possible.

Two new briefs and an interactive data tool continue the Center’s work assessing the nation’s data infrastructure for understanding Hispanic family life. Our review of more than 20 large data sets find limited capacity to capture both the growth and the diversification of Hispanic families in the United States. The companion interactive data tool indicates what information from these data sets is available on family and household composition, family formation and stability, relationship dynamics, and (co)parenting. Our assessment of the Supporting Healthy Marriage (SHM) Evaluation data finds that it is a uniquely rich source of information on Hispanic couple dynamics, but that its Hispanic couples differ in important ways from those in the general population. Collectively, the findings from these two studies underscore the need for a new national survey of families and households, to catch up with the growth and diversification of Latinos.

Learn more from the two briefs and data tool:

Updated 7/11/2018