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Low and Stable Income: Comparisons Among Hispanic Children, From 2004 Through the Period Following the Great Recession

Publication number: 2015-49

Author(s): Lisa A. Gennetian; Christopher Rodrigues; Heather D. Hill; Pamela A. Morris

Publication date: Dec 2015

Doc type: Brief

This brief explores income instability among Hispanic children in the context of dramatic shifts in the economic and employment circumstances of U.S. households during the Great Recession. This question is explored as a companion to the brief entitled “Income Instability in the Lives of Hispanic Children,” using data from periods that roughly correspond to the pre- and near post-recession periods to examine income stability experienced by Hispanic children over time. Specifically, we compare Hispanic children’s experiences of unstable income over the 2004 to 2006 period with experiences of unstable income from 2008 to 2011, that represents the period during and just following the Great Recession.

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