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Tailoring job training programs for Hispanics

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Recommendations for supporting emerging scholars

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Hispanic women are helping drive the recent decline in the U.S. fertility rate

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Early Ed: State policies may shape low-income Hispanic families’ access to subsidies

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Latest from the National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families

Two new releases continue our work building the capacity of the policy, program, and research fields serving low-income Hispanic children and families.

Drs. Jacob Klerman and Michelle Blocklin offer their insights about the utility of job training programs for increasing Hispanic families’ self-sufficiency and reducing child poverty in the commentary, Tailoring Job Training Programs for Hispanics. The authors highlight what we know about job training programs and how they can be responsive to the needs of low-income Hispanics. According to Dr. Klerman, “For those who study or serve low-income Hispanic families, it is important to understand whether, when, and how job training programs can improve these families’ economic security.”

In the tip sheet, Recommendations for Supporting Emerging ScholarsDr. Blocklin outlines what the Center has learned through its Emerging Scholars initiative to expand the pipeline of scholars interested in studying Latino children and families.

We are also excited to announce that we are accepting applications for our Research Scholars Program. The deadline to apply is May 20, 2019 (5:00 PM ET).


The Center welcomes requests for more information about its work and/or partnership opportunities. Please write to us at Info@HispanicResearchCenter.org. For press inquiries, please contact pr@childtrends.org.