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About Us

Overview and Mission

Hispanics represent the largest and one of the fastest-growing minority population subgroups in the U.S. Hispanics also have one of the highest poverty rates. To help programs and policies better serve low-income Hispanic children and families, Child Trends and Abt Associates, together with university partners, launched the National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families (Center). The Center was established in 2013 by a five-year cooperative agreement from the Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation, an office of the Administration for Children & Families in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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The Center is a hub of research to improve the lives of low-income Hispanics across three areas: early care and education, healthy marriage and responsible fatherhood, and poverty and economic self-sufficiency. A key goal of the Center is to build capacity within the research, policy, and practice communities, including the training of an increased number of young scholars focused on low-income Hispanic children and families. To foster emerging scholars, the Center launched a Research Fellowship Program in 2014.


Early Care and Education

The primary goal of this area is to advance understanding of early care and education (ECE) issues for low-income Hispanic families, including related issues such as: a) improving the quality of ECE services and coordination across ECE systems to support early learning for the heterogeneous population of Hispanic children; and, b) increasing access to and promoting informed ECE choices among Hispanic parents. Read more ›


Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood

The primary goals of this area are: (1) to advance our understanding of marriage, relationships, and fatherhood, including parenting, family stability, and family functioning among Hispanic families; and (2) to generate research-based information to inform the development of policies and programs that are culturally appropriate and responsive to the needs of Hispanic families. Read more ›


Poverty and Economic Self-Sufficiency

The primary goal of this area is to advance the understanding of poverty and economic self-sufficiency among Hispanic families, and the implications of these conditions for children’s developmental outcomes and the programs and policies aimed to support the positive development of Hispanic children. Read more ›


The Center welcomes requests for more information about its work and/or partnership opportunities. Please write to us at Info@HispanicResearchCenter.org.