Testin' Tables

Table 1. Differences in North Carolina income assistance and TANF practitioner perspectives on select survey items

Total Admin Frontline Difference
(N=78) (n=52) (n=23)

Application language barriers - Percentage of practitioners indicating the following resources were very accessible

In-Person, Spanish application forms 71.8% 78.8% 56.5% 22.3%*
Interview for application is available in Spanish 71.8% 84.6% 47.8% 36.8%***

Hispanic applicant access and engagement - Percentage of practitioners indicating their TANF (and income assistance) program did the following

Offered easy application access for non-English-speaking Hispanic families 65.4% 71.2% 52.2% 19.0%
Increased Spanish language materials over the past 5 years 65.4% 67.3% 52.2% 15.1%