Profiles: Healthy Marriage & Relationship Education (HMRE) programs serving Hispanics

Included in A Guide to Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Programs for Hispanic Couples and Families (2015)

Programs included were narrowed based on the following criteria:

  • Either (1) serve a Hispanic majority (50% or more of participants served), or (2) have been tailored in some way for Hispanic populations and have a Hispanic presence (20% or more of participants served)
  • Have undergone some type of evaluation and have evaluation results available

The Caring Equation

The Family Wellness Program at New Mexico State University

The Flourishing Families Program (FFP)

The Greater Portland Healthy Marriage Initiative

Healthy Relationships California

Hispanic Active Relationship Project (HARP)

The Meier Clinics, Family Bridges, Healthy Marriage Initiative (MCFB)

The Parenting Center

Respecting and Protecting Our Relationships (Respeto/Proteger)

Smart Steps

The Supporting Father Involvement (SFI) Prevention Intervention (Couples-Based)

Supporting Healthy Marriage (SHM)