Hispanic Family Facts: Foreign-born Hispanics have a relatively high marriage rate

Despite historic declines in marriage rates, the marriage rate among low-income Hispanic men and women born outside of the United States remains relatively high compared with other low-income groups.

It is important for researchers and programs who work with Hispanic families to consider the important diversity within Hispanic families, across characteristics such as nativity, to more effectively support and serve these families. Hispanic families in low-income households have many attributes that are positively associated with their children’s well-being, including high rates of marriage and family stability. This is especially true for foreign-born Hispanic families.

Nationally representative data for 2006-2010 show that more than one third (36 percent) of low-income foreign-born Hispanic women (ages 15 to 44) report being currently married. Among low-income U.S.-born Hispanic women, 26 percent report being married. This is similar to the percentage among low-income white women (27 percent). The data show a similar pattern among men.

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