Hispanic Family Facts: Latino parents find challenges and opportunities in supporting early science learning

This issue highlights recent research by Elisa Garcia and her colleagues, who are studying Latino parents’ attitudes and behaviors around their children’s science learning.

Compared to reading and math skills, Latino parents were about half as likely to engage their children in science-related learning activities (e.g., exploring the outdoors). Latino parents were also less likely than white parents to report feeling confident in their ability to help their children learn science.

However, Latino parents also believe they can benefit from science learning resources. They were more likely than white parents to report that access to appropriate technology, as well as information about what children should learn, would help them engage in more science learning at home. Resources designed to help parents support their children’s science learning need to be accessible to the culturally and linguistically diverse population of Latino families in the United States.

These findings build on the authors’ broader research on how parents engage in their children’s science learning. Read their recent report to learn more.

Source: Unpublished tabulations by Elisa Garcia (SRI Education). Elisa Garcia is a member of the EDC/SRI research team working on the CPB/PBS Ready to Learn Initiative, which is funded through the US Department of Education.

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