Interactive Data Tool

Data Tool: Early Care and Education Search and Decision-Making

Our interactive data tool allows users to unpack the early care and education preferences, priorities, and search and decision-making among Hispanic families, separately for each data set. This interactive tool gives you the capability to quickly and efficiently dig deeper into different national surveys and see which ones include questions about the variables of interest, such as satisfaction with options, access barriers, difficulty of ECE search, and more.

Each of the data sets reviewed are listed in the rows of the interactive tool and the specific data elements are listed in the columns. The data elements are divided into categories indicating whether they refer to “General Characteristics” or “Specific to Last Search and/or Current Arrangement.” Each cell displays whether that data set asked the respondent for information about the particular data element in that column. If a cell displays “YES,” then that data set contains information on that data element. If a cell displays “NO,” then that data set does not does not contain information on that data element. “PARTIAL” indicates that the dataset contains limited information on that particular data element. As you scroll your mouse across the page, additional information will automatically be displayed, indicating how the question was asked and answered (if YES or PARTIAL) within that particular dataset. If you click on “Show me more info on this dataset,” while still in the pop-up box, you then will be redirected to the relevant data set webpage.

You may use the drop down menus on the right side of the page to sort the interactive table by specific dataset year and by specific data elements of interest.

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