Reimagining Service Delivery for Hispanic Families During COVID-19

Hispanic families have been severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, deepening existing social, economic, and health disparities. At the same time, the services that programs can provide to support Hispanic families in need have been interrupted by policies implemented to control the spread of the virus (e.g., stay at home orders).

This webinar (July 9, 2020) discussed how organizations serving low-income Hispanic families through parent and child education programs, relationship education, mental health services, and other family supports have adapted their service delivery to reach clients and maintain engagement in programs and services.


Maria Santos Arellano-Buchanan, MA, MDiv (Vice President of Expansion, Family Bridges)

M. Teresa Granillo, PhD, MSW (Chief Executive Officer, AVANCE)

Juan Prandoni, PhD, LPA, HSP-PA (Training Director, El Futuro)

Diego Uriburu, MS (Executive Director and Co-Founder, Identity)

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